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At AzurİA, we decided to take an innovative approach with our incremental multipurpose product line, demonstrating our commitment to the environment and your satisfaction.  

This approach fosters sustainable consumption, by limiting the number of devices needed, while offering you a personalized, efficient experience.

Embedded Aİ, real-time detection

Evolutive Solution

Embedded Aİ is our core strength and the elementary technological brick of our incremental solutions. AzurİA has benefited from a French Tech Emergence grant since its creation to develop its own Aİ software chain, “frugal” and spectral band agnostic, deployable on numerous low-power targets.
Our Aİ offers a strategic advantage bringing responsiveness and autonomy to your system, thanks to its embeddability enables on-board data processing as close as possible to the sensor on low-power chips hence its usage on satellites.

CamİA, multi-use detection and alert case

Solution adaptative

Embedding our Aİ, CamİA processes images from its multi-spectral (visible and infrared) cameras in real time to adapt to specific use cases such as early smoke detection and alert the end user by transmitting only useful information on different channels depending on the local network.

CamİA with its low power consumption and light weight, can be installed on a wide range of supports, such as aerial drones with battery power or fixed masts by being powered by mains or solar panel.

Helia, autonomous tethered aerostat

Turn-key Solution

Winner of the European SecurIT project, this complete, fully autonomous, 24-hour system without a remote pilot, easily transportable, deployable in any open area, with wind resistance up to 80km/h, with a 360° field of view at an altitude of up to 1km, meets a wide range of monitoring needs. 
“ Smart ” and multi-purpose thanks to our embedded CamİA, it can detect and alert in real time events of interest such as fire starts, personal rescue or pollution at sea, as the system can also be towed by a boat. Its operability and efficiency have already been proven in real-life demonstrations at events such as I-Naval.

Our systemic approach

to tailor our solutions to your needs

1. Formalization

of your needs

2. Construction

of the database

3. Training

of our Aİ

4. Selection

of suitable chips

5. Evaluation

of the performances

6. Delivering

your optimized Embedded Aİ !

About the use cases  

Since our mission is to protect the planet and its inhabitants, there are many possible (even new) uses for our Protection activities, in the broadest sense of the term

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