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Our solutions and operational flights of Helia, our smart tethered aerostat for real-time detection and alert of events of interest.


AzurİA, real time alert

AzurİA's range is incremental and is tailored to the user's needs, meaning we cover everything from the creation of our Aİ's code to the complete system: our autonomous tethered aerostat.


Helia, SecurIT laureate

With high wind stability up to 90km/h, our tethered aerostat, Helia, embeds our CamİA real-time event detection and alert case, featuring a 360° FOV at an altitude of over one km.

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Helia, easily deployable

 Easy to transport, even with a Light Vehicle, Helia can be deployed in any open area, even on board a boat.

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Helia, résilience sans égal.

Sa résilience et sa capacité à tenir des vents très forts (jusque 90km/h) lui permet de se différencier des autres ballons du marché, bien moins stable au vents faibles.

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