Our mission ?

Protecting the planet and its inhabitants.

The stakes

With the pace of climate change accelerating, the risk of natural disasters is constantly increasing, requiring a prompt and effective response to limit their impact. For example, early detection of smoke is crucial for fast intervention and prevention of “megafires”.

It was with this reactivity in mind that we designed our line of smart, autonomous products, ready to tackle the challenge of real-time detection and alert.

 We bring responsiveness and autonomy
to your systems.

Driven by innovation, our aim is to preserve the environment and protect lives, confronted with ever-increasing risks, by offering real-time detection and alert products, so that the end-user can immediately initiate corrective action.

With controlled carbon footprint.

-750kg eqCO2/year

compared to a reference solution with remote video stream processing.

One GPU/ developer

installed in our offices with measurement of our server's power consumption.

"Fairphone" Conception

Our solutions are repairable and scalable, with no need to invest in a new one.

Onboard Processing

on a low-power board, drastically reducing energy consumption.

European Components

thus limiting the carbon impact and guaranteeing the level of “sovereignty”.

No rebound

Efficiency gains do not depend on quantity, but on the ability of our products to adapt to new uses.

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