The team's core values are an Aİ that is useful for the planet and its occupants, while being as energy-efficient as possible.
We consider humans as the greatest asset of our company.

Our Team

Frédéric, CEO

With over 30 years of engineering and project management experience in the space industry, my wish is to carry this human journey to enable everyone to benefit from AI, with customers and collaborators who share our values.

Lionel, CTO

PhD in Logics and Researcher in Biometrics, Software and AI Engineer, cycling and low-tech activities enthusiast, I am willing to spend my energy quota so that we consume less of it. 

 Sarah, AI R&D Engineer

A PhD in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, I design new neural network architectures for AzurİA, leading the development of the BPI Emergence Grant.

 Julien, Embedded Systems Engineer

After years of experience in the field of embedded systems engineering and the creation of a drone, I have come to carry the development of the autonomous and reactive aerostat of which AzurİA is the lead contractor.

 Leslie, Lawyer

Following my experiences in international law offices, my objective at AzurİA will be to ensure the implementation of Intellectual Property and the follow-up of contracts.

Abdel, Developer of AI-accelerating microchips

Having an educational background as electronics engineer, I'm joining AzurİA's R&D team to deploy AIs on FPGA SoCs used in our space activities.

 Jilane, Business Developer 

With a Master's degree in International Management, my goal will be to prepare the market launch of AzurİA's future smart embedded systems.

Our Values


Our solutions are based on the latest technologies, with strong investment in R&D and creativity to meet customer needs.

Ethical İA

As a Montreal Charter signatory, we develop solutions with Aİ to serve the planet and its inhabitants.


Our corporate culture includes skills sponsorship and integrates the rules of the Social Solidarity Economy, with the human factor as a core value.


We advocate a sustainable approach in the choice of our solutions, limiting their ecological footprint from development to use.

Our Support

Support and financing since June 2020 by the PACA-EST incubator

French Tech Emergence grant
by BPI France  

Winner of the AMI to embed a trusted AI

Competitiveness cluster partners

AzurIA offers a customized Artificial Intelligence (AI) service for embedded systems in the fields of space, the blue and green economy, and ecology in general. We support you in the annotation of your data, and design a tailor-made İA optimized for electronics (FPGA, CPU, GPU, TPU, NPU, DPU, MCU/microcontroller) best suited to your needs. Our qualified IA DEEPTECH project by BPI France can process with low latency and consumption your 2D or 3D images or videos in high spatial resolution with a high dynamic range (High-Dynamic Range - HDR) and high spectral resolution (multispectral, hyperspectral). AzurİA is the AMI winner of the program to develop compact and robust AI that can be deployed electronically.