in the broad sense.

Our primary fields of activity are  civil security , la environmental proection and sensitive sites surveillance ,but our solutions are adaptable to your specific needs, while respecting our values!

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Our AI adapts quickly to new use cases.

Illustrations of the benefits

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Incremental: Forest fires



Early fire detection
Fire evolution monitoring
Monitoring fire restarts

What's your situation? 

  Your solution: our Aİ layer

 Developed by AzurİA, winner of several awards and labeled Deeptech by BPI France, our frugal Deep Learning quickly adapts its parameters to a new environment.

   directly integrated into your system without the need for additional computing resources or inferences directly on our server

   regular updates (at least twice a year) based on your feedback, to continuously improve performance

   you can continuously adjust detection thresholds according to your level of risk

   reduced operational and human costs, by minimizing the number of false alerts without the need for new hardware

  Your solution: our smart case, CamİA 

Embedding our Aİ, our real-time detection case, with multi-spectral sensor to eliminate most “false positives”, can be installed on a high point without wired connection

  cost divided by 2 or 3 compared to a conventional detection solution

  24-hour alert (with image attachment and geolocation) in your system and on registered mobiles

  technical support in choosing high points with 3D coverage analysis

  legal support for setting up agreements with high point managers

  high points can be set up to provide coverage in high-risk areas where no facilities are available

       Your solution: Our smart tethered aerostat, Helia 

Embedding CamİA, our multi-purpose aerostat is easily transportable and deployable from any open space, operational day and night, with no need for either a remote pilot or a patent.

  autonomous 24-hours for several days at a time

  high wind resistance up to under 80km/h thanks to its wing/span

 wide 360° field of vision with an altitude of up to 1km (depending on local regulations or civil security exemption)

  beyond real-time detection, it is useful as a support system during fire-fighting operations, and for monitoring the re-start of fires

  when the aerostat is not in use, the CamİA case can be used on its own, “Plug&Play” on other vectors such as a drone or fixed mast

Plug & Play: agriculture

CamİA, our real-time detection and alert case, is Plug&Play on multiple supports
Thanks to its adaptability, it can detect various events of interest for the protection of agricultural sites. Easily deployable on a vehicle (tractor), a drone, a mast, our Helia wired aerostat or a building (shed), CamİA is multi-purpose and can be moved easily from one support to another to meet your needs, in different locations depending on the time of year.
For example, you can monitor your facilities and equipment in your absence, your crops in the case of intrusion or disease, an outbreak of vegetation fires and more with the same case, without investing in several different solutions.

Different CamİA supports and multiple event detection 
AzurIA propose un   service sur-mesure d'Intelligence artificielle  (IA) pour système embarqué dans les domaines de l'espace, l'économie bleue et verte, et l'écologie en général. Nous vous accompagnons dans l'annotation de vos données, et concevons une İA sur-mesure optimisée pour l'électronique (FPGA, CPU, GPU, TPU, NPU, DPU, MCU/microcontroleur) la mieux adpatée à votre besoin. Notre IA qualifée  projet DEEPTECH  par BPI France peut traiter avec une faible latence et consommation vos images ou vidéos 2D ou 3D en  haute résolution spatiale  avec une  haute plage de dynamique  (High-Dynamic Range - HDR) et  haute résolution spectrale  (multispectral, hyperspectral). AzurİA est lauréate de l'AMI du programme  afin de développer des IA compacts et robustes déployables sur électronique.